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when you touch me

Wish I could hold you
Just for a little while, let me
I wish I could see you right now
But you're so far away
It's driving me crazy
I'm missing you baby
And the way you touch me
It's not like anything I've ever felt before
That's how I know I am yours

Maybe Brandy's "Full Moon" was an underrated album alongside "Afrodisiac"...It's refreshing to listen to Brandy, she's slowly developing into one of my favorite singers. =)

I think now is the time to definitely make up in my mind what I wanna do with me and how I'ma get there. I definitely need to get some priorities in line, and some dreams in order. I need to start making steps towards those dreams. Cause right now I see college isn't for me. My ambitions and dreams are to get the fuck outta college as fast as possible and definitely get outta the state of Florida. I wanna explore another side of the world, maybe move back to Houston, but somewhere explore my dreams and ambitions. I definitely need to take the reins of my life and do what it is I feel is most beneficial to me. I feel that in my heart...

The stigma of being a black male homosexual trips me out sometime...It's like you get categorized all the time as "gay". Oh yea, Michael, that gay boy from Total Kaos? or You know he's gay right? Hasan was speaking on this earlier and I definitely agree...And then society wonders why people don't come out openly even though it's widely accepted.

I need to dance...I need to do something...I think I'ma start working on some more 8 counts and definitely choreograph this whole entire song: Keyshia Cole's "I Just Want It To Be (Over)". The horns are sick on that song.

Am I finally slowly receding? I think I'm slowly pulling back all my emotions and placing them back into one piece. I think I'm finally healing my broken heart... Time to wake up and smell the shit that was all over his ass...LOL That's life though, to live, learn, and experience... Anyway I do have a crush on a small entity of my life...But thas top secret and besides that all it will be is a crush...Enough about all that...I gotta go

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