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through these misty eyes it's plain to see..

through these misty eyes it's plain to see..

Sometimes I see the absolute good in humanity living inside of people. I try to see past the bullshit because I want to love and know the good in everyone. But sometimes that shit just has to die... Sometimes you just have to pull away and let it go. And I think letting go for me is getting harder day by day but I'm not even dragging myself through that same old shit again. Friends or no friends... We'll just be cool.

Talking to Brandon last night was so refreshing...I feel a lot closer with him since we've finally cut through all the bullshit and been honest with each other. Honestly just makes me wonder why it's so hard for people to be themselves in a relationship? And some of the things that we discussed just kinda clarified why he did things that way he did. I understand we are all humans and I love him for the simple fact he actually is tryna grow up and be a man that a 21 year old is. Not that my heart is totally open to him but I have a lot more empathy for him. That's real talk...

Dark Affinity [dot] Net is still being prepared... I know I'ma have to fuck wit these damn databases again even though I don't even want to...So if the MySQL don't work then I'm just coding everything by hand. But thas turning into a hosting site so if you want me to keep you on the lookout on when the site is opening then just email me at demcee@gmail.com and I'll make you aware...Come one, come all...Requirements and everything coming later.

Besides that people I need to be getting my pretty ass up and dressed cause I got a "Team Meeting" at 1:00 and then im riding out the late night shift again so people enjoy your weekends and y'all do the damn thang for ME... *waving*

Peace Out

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