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when i move, you move...

First day I'm working on Saturday and damn the time flies when you sleep til noon and gotta run around and get some shit done. Talked to my mama today and didn't have shit to say to her... I'll call her later when I feel better about everything... I don't wanna be here next year and looks as if I still will be here because of her so I have no comments on our situation.

My thoat hurts, I woke up with a sore throat and a big ass lump in there. All this talking and singing I been doing over the past month is cRazY on my throat. I really didn't feel like talking on the phone but I had to talk to my best friend and catch up on the 4-11 and see all that was going on. I'm just thinking bout the other 8 hours I'ma have to sit and talk on the phone to people. I definitely gotta get my meaness factor up and get these people off my phone. I hope I can get that TT down. No more talking for me until I'm over there. (Yea Right)

School for me can be flushed. I am so tired of school after this first semester that it ain't even funny. I'm not even going to take my finals. I'm just through with the shit and don't plan on going back until I start summer classes.

I guess I should be hopping in the shower and getting ready for work... We going to the Ludacris Afterparty @ Lotus afterwards so that may be coo. I'ma just be happy to be with my "work family" whilin' out and ish. But I know, and I've learned, not to expect too much.

And the rain outside my window brings bitter memories to my mind of a love I once had to leave behind...I've learned to not compromise with my heart...I'll be alright

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