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Just Like Me...

i'd given up on love...
and i gave up on the chance that i'd ever fall head over heels
all the stars i've wished upon
i never thought that one will fall down on me
and ooh it's good to know ...

there's somebody somebody
who feels likes me
oooh it's good to know
there's somebody somebody
who loves like me

i've waited all my life...
Amerie-Just Like Me

The typical "I've found love" ballad is taking me over... I am enamored with this song. So sensual, so beautiful, and yet so blissful. Just makes me wanna lay on my floor in the dark and will the words into existence.

Watching Queer As Folk last night definitely made me consider the absolute chances of love and loss in this lifetime. I've dealt with only a portion of what I could be going through. Thank God, I still have my father and mother here on this Earth to guide my steps when I fall off the path. Love will come, and there's no need to be in a relationship right now for the satisfication or more like the gratification of having someone beside me when I wake up. I'm just rolling with life and letting everything run it's course. I'm no longer standing in the way of what's predestined.

Tina Turner's article in the new O magazine is definitely touching. This shows a new side of Tina, well the real side of T!NA, since everytime I think of her my mind shoots directly to my girl Angie B. I definitely vibe with Tina on some aspects of that relationship. I've been in so many horrible relationships it's been crazy, from physical to verbal abuse to cheating to lying to disrespect, I've dealt with a lot of shit. Luckily though nobody ever got the nerve to try and beat my ass, that's a whole differnt page. But for some reason like Tina says loyalty keeps you there in a relationship. T!NA, you're definitely one of my new inspirations.

I wake up with this calmness now, a peace, stillness in my life. I feel like I'm walking through life a lot lighter, less on my mind (even though there's so much right now with everything), and just a radiance of happiness that exudes from every pore on me. If I want to be all out silly, I don't give a fuck who's looking... If I turn up my Fefe Dobson and rock out while doing 65 in a 45mph speed zone (which I do not advise) then fuck it... If I want to tell the white dude next to me at work he's so damn huggable and he touches my ass then I feel I don't owe anyone an explanation on whether or not I like him or not. You only live life once and I'm just flowing with Earth's tides. Fuck the excess bullshit that's been weighing me down.

I'm floating through the universe and I'm waiting for that star to fall upon me...

**and if you're concerned on whether or not I'ma write about you in here or not then don't be. im not gonna put you out there like that cause you know that's not my style.**

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