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falling in love with a daydream...

how come i never hear you say? i just wanna be with you
guess you never felt that way...but since you been gone
thanks to you...you should know i get what i want

I've become a lot more comfortable with drag queens by going to the clubs and experiencing their prescence first hand. This queen was up there singing Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" and i was like "Work Bitch!". It was just an empowering moment for someone who doesn't even like drag queens. I loved shows after that...

the new image for the LJ layout is from my new domain falling in love with a daydream and i think the chemistry between those two characters are wonderful. visit their site at noah's arc and get to know the story just a lil more deeper...i've fallen in love with the storyline. :)

i'll see yall on other one of my domains sometimes.

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