Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote,
Dark Affinity

I'ma Be Like 2Pac...well maybe

Hump day has come and is the bridge between my favorite two days of the week: Thursday & Friday...Those are my own personal reasons so you may never know what they are but just know I will be a lot more content come midnight.

In class I was sketching out possible details and things of that nature that I felt were beneficial to my goals in life. I need a particular niche to place my center in, and I definitely need to find an approach. I know for one I want it to be like a mini performing arts type thing, so maybe a summer camp approach would be more cost effective? I would have to speak with some people behind many of the prominent organizations that could assist me in doing these types of things.

In other news though check out the Brick Fundraiser for The Tupac Amaru Shaker Center For The Arts. I think it's a great organization to donate for and definitely getting our children into something worthwhile.

I think it would be wonderful to meet with Ms. Afeni Shakur personally and just ask various questions about the organization and get other people's opinions and help on starting my own.

Maybe in the beginning I will start alongside someone else and then branch off. So many alternatives and various roads to go down. :)

Just dreaming about this makes my heart get happy and makes me all giddy inside...I can't wait.

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