Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote,
Dark Affinity

I'm Leaving Tomorrow

If you would only treat me right
I'd stay here by your side
But I am down to my last cry
So I'm leaving you goodbye
You turned away from opportunities
To sit and talk things through
But now when I say I'm leaving you
You have so much to prove

So long to all my pain
Good night to my heartache
Goodbye sorrow
I won't cry no more
I'm leaving tomorrow
Brandy- Tomorrow

Yet again I am tired of loving and losing..so this time I have to do something for me, I have to stop for myself and for my sanity. I have to take the time to stop looking for love in so many faces and look for it in the things that make me happy.

I often ask myself how in the world could I put so much trust in a man who has proved you wrong before? What makes you think for one second that he will treat you any better than before? Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words is the mantra I might have lived by if I was so blindly in love as usual. But this time I am taking your advice and definitely not being the fool anymore. I'm leaving tomorrow...

I have been blessed to have a great support group around me. Some friends who don't judge me and definitely tell me that my worth is too damn good to be wasted on something so petty as this. In some ways I think I am either going to start speaking with a therapist again or either being completly honest with myself about my feelings and everything that goes on in my life. And I feel that being real with yourself sometimes is the hardest thing to do because we sometimes want to believe the lies we tell people so much. But I'm moving away from that so much right now.

Never say Never...Never say never... One of these days maybe I will just become asexual and stop loving men and women in totality. ROTF. You can never say never right?

Anyway let me get up from this chair and put some clothes on so I can get my day started. Lord knows I need to wash this car. Enjoy the weekend and the week if I don't blog before then.

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