Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote,
Dark Affinity

all eyes on me! the spotlight is on!

[in my preppy white girl voice]
OMG! I AM SO EXCITED! I'M BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS! TONIGHT IS THE TK SHOWCASE! It's basically my dance group's showcase... :) The one I put up with so much bullshit for and have spent nights up with. But I love them so much so it's coo...

It's goin be fun tho... I have 8 dress changes! OMG! I JUST REALIZED IT! That's a lot of running and changing for me to do but I'ma do it. LOL I have to do it basically and some of my shit ain't even together... I have to finish making up an 8-Count and doing my African Costume. I'm always OFF so trust me I will get it done by the time I need to do it.

I'm getting jitters people! Oh well though I'm bout to go... Write about it when it's done? You know me!

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