Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote,
Dark Affinity

Dari is a BAD friend

Came on and added some new friends who had added me I see. Sorry for the hold up!


I'm not really into make friends-only journals but more friends-only entries. I have some good posts about different aspects of the world on wisdom, spirituality, and other things and I don't want to limit their outreach. But my life is not an open book for amusement.

I've been a bad friend by not looking at everyone else's journals for awhile. I've been digging my hands into my Photshop like something serious right now and definitely have gotten somewhat better at my designing and web skills. Who knows if I will ever create that definitive work I want?! Anyway though I am goin to contine working on my domain and LJ layouts :) SEE YOU LATER!

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