Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote,
Dark Affinity

Church Update on Michelle Williams

WEll while @ church 2day Pastor Randy White was talking about the New Years incident. And he was talking about how some "religous" people were about inviting Michelle Willams to the church. He read one letter from one dude he said:

"why did you invite her to the church?
she is half naked in her latest video
she promotes sex, etc. etc."

but the icing on the cake is he said: "she isn't saved"

so my pastor was like "Who are you to say she isn't saved?!" And "how did you see the video?" everyone was laughing

But he said that what people didn't see was that Michelle was back in the hallways after she ran off the stage crying and speaking in tongues and praying and worshiping God. And he said that the annointing of God came over here and you could really feel God in the place that night. They replayed the footage also and it was really heartbreaking.

He said that maybe Michelle will go back and inspire the world to do more things and really see her as an example of God in our everyday lives. And maybe this is her testimony to the world, God does have a plan for everyone.

So in conclusion I say that I still will no longer support DC3 because I'm not feeling their image or their music any longer, I will solely support Michelle because I like her. Point Blank And maybe the spirit did just come over her and God laid something on her heart like Ra said.

I value all of your opinions and everything on this subject, so everything everyone has said so far in this thread is coo

Enjoy a wonderful Sunday afternoon

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