Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote,
Dark Affinity

Intimate Evening Wit Michelle Williams...

That's the event at the church I visited to spend my New Years Eve/Morning with. I found out Michelle was performing and I had to go!

So Paula White introduces Michelle and talks about her past wit DC and everything that she has accomplished by being in DC. (I was happy they mentioned all of that about her cause the church and all. )

Michelle came out and sang Purpose in Your Storm to a crowd who didn't know the song. I did! And then she goes into Do You Know, the title track from the CD and the atmosphere totally changes. People are listening to this wonderful voice this girl has and began to really understand she can blow. So towards the end she drifts into a melody of "He's Here" when she breaks down.

She literally started crying during the song and ran off stage. I mean this wasn't no boo hoo. This was like someone had stabbed her mama crying. IT was serious. So they called her back out and she came out and she was still crying and they prayed over her and everything. I was like then Is Michelle really not being herself in Destiny's Child?

My specualtion is that something aint right bout DC3, that sistahood b.s. is out the window with me and I no longer will support DC3 but Michelle by her own self.

No reason for that girl to be crying like that if ain't nothing wrong.

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