May 3rd, 2005

crazy things I do for ... umm lust?

It’s like I hate to love ya
a charade we play time after time (time after time)
It’s like ya love to see me
confused and a mess I’m losing my mind (I’m losing my mind)
I gotta get away
cause’ your making me weak
It’s keeping me trapped (keeping me trapped)
I gotta be a fool
sitting here tryna get that old thing back (thing back oh)
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Keyshia Cole is singing that damn song from the bottom of her gut and you can hear it in her voice that she's hurting. Well I'm pretty sure the whole apartment complex can hear me singing this damn song while I'm locked in this room trying to fit shirts in these drawers. I'm feeling you on that tip Keyshia. But you need some personality development, and definitely a stylist boo cause you are lacking something special in a star. You've got the voice, now let's get the image together.

I don’t wanna love you
don’t wanna need you
just wanna leave you (I swear)
I just want it to be over (I just want it to be over)
I just want it to be over (I just want it to be over)

I think I'ma make me a Heartbroken mix CD, let's get this new system kicked off!!!!

Last night was one of those fun dorm nights. I swear I had so much fun running up and down the damn hallways. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget. I was running around with my durag all loose with my hat pulled low so people wouldn't get a good look at my face. I think I've done the corniest thing ever for a crush last night, and the most severe case of jealousy arose in me (but Lindsay & I soon laughed it off). LOL I know that boy is somewhere in his room like WTF? Not on two doors? LOL... Anyway though the story goes a lil something like this.

I pulled up the Aeropostale jeans and threw the tank top on with a splash of cologne, grabbed the keys, cranked the car up, rolled the windows halfway down, pulled the cap down and rode to the school with my "Never Say Never" (Brandy that's a classic for ya) on track 4...So Lindsay & I have this "brilliant" idea of going to see where exactly this boy stays in KA and if he was home. So we are running around on each floor (me with no shoes on, durag coming loose) giggling like little girls looking at everyone's doors. But dumb us we forgot the boy's real name so we were just running around lost listening to everyone's conversations inside the doors and whatnot. So someone came out the door and we took off running down the hall laughing our ass off. So then we make it to this floor with one of those thingies that you can erase shit off of and so we erase the whole little game. (i seriously had a brain fart) and then we ring their door bell and run outside to run up the stairs and then remember that we have no ID to get back in the building, so we have to run all the way back down laughing and shit. It almost felt good to not have to worry about anything anymore. I was so happy about that. Finally got to have some fun for a change...

ooohhh my stomach's grumbling but I'ma still get in the bed and roll over... be back soon