April 22nd, 2005

5 for Friday

1. How many locations (dwellings) have you lived in?
Being the military brat that I've just now grown out, I'm tryna remember. Somewhere around five or six...But it's soon to be seven now since I'm moving out

2. If you could place your dream home in any location, where would it be?
Somewhere in the islands, where nature and man can coexist without pestilence or horrible weather. somewhere where eternity could be tasted in my mouth and i could stretch out my hands to the beauty of never ending blue skies.

3. In terms of the act of moving: are you a packer or a box mover?
LOL. I'm so used to packing to go somewhere it's cRaZY so I'm much more of a packer... I cut on the stereo and throw everything out the drawers, closets, everywhere and just dance as I'm packing them up in boxes. I'ma dance-packer you can say...

4. What one item do you own that you absolutely hate to move?
Hmm...I think I don't really have one item I hate to move. I can tell you the one I left at home for college: my keyboard. And overall all of my CD's where the hardest to move. That's why I threw them under the bed... Shh, don't tell my mama.

5. What's worse: the act of moving or a routine cleaning at the dentist?
The dentist! OMG! Speaking of which I have to go schedule an appointment for those teeth manglers today for next week. At least packing I get to move around and am not stationary in one spot with my mouth being stretched. Well then again, is that really a bad thing?


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