April 9th, 2005

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in some ways it's hard to believe that it's been a week since i first told him we couldn't be together...and next week will make 5 weeks that we haven't seen/spoken to each other. Time flies quickly. Now that I am absorbed in so many different things with my 2 jobs and college, my days seem so interconnected it's cRaZy sometimes. But I never really thought of how fast everything was moving in my life. Guess thas how it goes sometimes.

Becoming an adult and growing up takes time. And I am definitely entering the adult world and it's something totally unexpected and scary for me in some ways. I am prepared for the challenge though. Just gotta get over that nervousness and do the dang thang.

I have so many plans and so many things going on with me...in some ways i just feel like keeping everything inside to myself. :) But i'm aiight... and doing well.

Can't Take Me Home

Can't take me home to mama
Cause she wouldn't think I'm proper
Should've of thought about that
Before you fucked with me
Don't say you're falling for me
Don't tell her you adore me
Cause all you're thinking 'bout is fucking me

Of all the things in my life, I swear I honestly never thought that my life would be so complicated. I am simple, I enjoy simple things in life and here come all these complicated things being thrown at me. OH well, I'm not complaining... my life has been given to me for a reason.

And anyway I missed the damn concert shopping. When will I stay my damn ass out the stores?