January 27th, 2005

may their souls find peace

Boy wont you just lay with me stay with me
I would love it if you had your way with me, cuz I just...
Cant get enough of your touch
You do the things I need to me so much,
I dont wanna let you leave, I dont wanna go, So...
Dont leave me alone (x3)

Ashanti- Don't Leave Me Alone

I love that Ashanti song...it came out around the time when my love life was all jumbled together...i was still trying to hold on to Ryan, Antonyo & I were talking, Martinez, Juniya, Julius, were eyeing me and just too much.

Today though my head is clear and I cannot believe it's the 60th anniversary of the holocaust...Can you believe people have this kind of hatred in their heart? That is a disease...it has to be for someone to even think about something so demented and twisted to do to people. That is the devil's work for real.

May their souls find peace and fly to the wings of the lord above.

I did a lil afternoon shopping for whatever reason...I'm broke as hell but Target had some clearances I couldn't pass up. I had to put down some of the interesting ish but I came out with a lot for $10...Thas that college mentality...

New and more pictures coming soon... Keep ya head up
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    Ashanti- Don't Leave Me Alone

rolling down my face

and the tears keep rolling down my face
rolling down my face
they keep
rolling, rolling, rolling
rolling, rolling, rolling

Amerie- Rolling Down My Face

I'm feening for some new Amerie...
this clips have been aiight, lackluster really so far...
but in any case I hope she will have a solid album.'

I went swimming today and I was so sleepy...no more for me!
I have a phone interview 2moro...hope it pans out into something
No word from Walmart, Target, and other companies I've applied to
My mother told me I could stay but we shall see in August
His hair was ugly...I don't want mine looking like that!
I shoulda studied for that test and don't I have Englis homework?
Lemme put this boxers on and go 2 sleep... ::Yawn::

Another entry coming later
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    Amerie- Talking About