January 25th, 2005

i am who they call a star

so this month of January has been stock full of new year's presents
i no longer am recieving finacial aid from my college
i am now a part time student, only taking two classes in college
i am now officially broke and can't pay my rent
my hours for my work student have been cut and im making $150/biweekly
i cannot find another job...i hate BUSH!
the last time i had a real meal was....i dont even remember
i no longer am in a relationship with you know who
my hair is so short i wanna cry...or cut it off
i now have a webcam and i am taking so many pics of myself its crazy
the playboy belt i bought on ebay hasn't arrivred yet
(ts been a month for goodness sake!)
i saw two spiders in my room last week
i'm cold or extremely hot in my room all the time
im movin back in with my parents in August...
"I just wanna throw my hands up in the hair and freak out" like Avril