December 28th, 2004

a gift from virgo

a gift...from virgo...

i wish i could look in your eyes and tell you how i feel right now inside

Sometimes I find myself calling out to him in the middle of the night in my spirit. I never quite verbalize the words but I know they are there, shelved somewhere underneath my pillow cases and sheets. how do you overcome the pride inside? how can someone touch your soul so deep, make you feel this much?

i never knew
was so                       com > pli < cated

oh well though, this morning had this overwhelming sense of being refreshed. it's always like that though when i feel great and rested. Life if sposed to be like that. I take time to examine the day, morning and my objectives for the day. Damn, who am I? Sometimes I still do not know who I am... ::smile I'm growing