December 27th, 2004

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M! is back in full effect with more unravelings of this hood story.

So I have become addicted once again to Ebay. These off and on spurts have started again and I honestly can't let go of the site. I am already rackin up a code (noun: dress code) full of UK vintage wear and belts. I'ma be rocking some crazy things. Speaking of which Walmart is the destination after work. I must purchase Graffiti Bridge cause that cover is hot.

Xmas? Well this holiday was devoted to family, lots of family. I didn't visit home to see many of my friends but I spent loads of time with my fam. I have a gained such a wonderful appreciation for the fam, it's incredible. I can be myself in totality, well partially...anyway though! As far as relationships and friendships go I'm bout through with them all. I'm tired of people in general. I'm in need of some genuine people who love and care about me and this weekend my family showed me that was them. I do have two real friends that I can turn to no matter how much they irk me or I am appalled at their decisions and choices. I'm not a judge, only a friend.

Resolutions for New Years? I have a little but a lot. Just personal things about myself and my outlook on life and the world. I'ma post em later but I gotta get back to Ebay! :) ::wink::