December 21st, 2004

if want me 2 stay...

oh how i have missed you LJ. ::hugs::

if you want me to stay...i'll never leave you Uh-oh

So this past week has been full of exploring and getting to know a lot more people offline. Offline life is so much sweeter than online life because it's interaction, it's real, it's fun and coo. But most of the people I've met have not particularly captivated my interests. They all seem to bore me.

I need to start packing to go home tomorrow. Packing is always a big feat for me because it takes so much for me to get started. It's like having to predict what you're gonna be in the mood to wear and I hate doing that shit. But it must be done.

Other than that people have a wonderful holiday season and know M! loves you all ::hugs::