December 15th, 2004

runnin to the sunshine

Dedicated 2 DRU DRU

since u say i always write "novels" instead of short blogs I decided to talk about one of the best feelings I know in the world: running track :tongue:

the sun is shining and i inhale the fresh air of Jacksonville. i am warming up, stretching, trying to warm my muscles up for the upcoming day. "1,2,3,4..." I count as I began to do my running drill all alone, just me. Peace, quiet, sanity is what I need when stretching. No talking just focus, concentration on what needs to be accomplished for the day. And that requires solitary confinement and peace. I think about different little things, nothing of importance, just keeping my mind occupied while stretching out my hamstrings. i hear the first call over the intercom for my event. i let out a deep breath and stretch until i hear the last call and then head over to the clerk of the course. "Michael Ward, Mandarin" I tell him as he crosses my name off the list of seeds. He lets me know my heat and I steal a glance at the other competitors in my heat. Most I know, Most I've beaten, Some are my competition. The anticipation begins...I just want to run and get this over with.

I take off my jogging pants over my spikes, pull down my running shorts and leave my shirt on. My shorts are so little they barely pass my thighs. I enjoy the shortness though, I see people looking at my thighs, and I let out a small chuckle.
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