December 10th, 2004

The Way It's Gonna BE

lately i find im trapped in these thoughts
are you miles away?
are we getting any closer?

Jessica Simpson: BE

So today finally marks the end of my first semester in college but I don't wanna come back next semester. Long story and LJ closed my window so I don't feel like re-typing everything OVER! Oh well though we shall start this novel off again tonight...

Antonyo is not coming this weekend. Pissed?! Sorta kinda cause I really did want to spend all my time with him this weekend. I wanted to be with someone and do something, watch the sunset, laugh, joke & play. But instead of that I will be rolling over into a cold bed spread out again. ::sigh:: That's life though huh?

Today I got the fro trimmed down...low. It's almost down to like me growing an one month fro. 6 months of growing a fro ALL gone...Yes I'm still bugging but I will grow into it. Might just cut my hair all the way off again cause it's already low enough. I'm indecisive and right now I just don't know what to make of the whole situation. I was a lil undecided about what to do with my fro anyway so maybe it's all for the better that the fro is gone. Never know, this is for me and not for anyone else. I look older now and much cuter. ::tongue::

I'm so sleepy and trying to stay awake to give this dude directions to come over here. No it's not like that. Antonyo is my boy for now. He's coming to see my girl and she over here right now. ::Bad thoughts:: LOL But yea I'm bout to go sleep cause

that's just the way it's gonna be
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