October 30th, 2004

Mixtape 4 Ryan's Birthday

I am crushing so hard its not funny . Oh well though Ryan you will be recieving a mix tape from me on your birthday.

Destiny's Child Birthday
Janet Jackson- Twenty Foreplay
Blaque- Release Me
Aaliyah- It's Whatever
Ginuwine- Only When Ur Lonely
Mary J Blige- 2 U
TLC- Take Our Time
Mon!ca- With You
Lauryn Hill- When It Hurts So Bad
Tweet- Always Will
Javier- Biggest Mistake
Changing Faces- Time After Time
Kiley Dean- Kiss Me Like That
Britney Spears- Dont Hang Up
Kelis- Marathon

I wrote you a poem too, ::blush::


seven hours of conversation
longing to see secrets hidden beneath your big brown beautiful eyes
holding back feelings
challenging my mind
not to stroke your face
trace the lines of your palm and enclose my hand in yours
how does one feel at peace in such a tempest of emotions?
I feel safe here in the eye of flirtation
fun, harmless stares
strokes of your eyelashes, twists of your locs, tickling toes
i want to trace your lips and kiss them with my fingertips
an ocean of despair is between us i sense
who will be the first to swim across the ocean?
i want you to swim to me
i want you to swim in me
i am going to fall so deep
i am fallin deep
i guess seven really is the number of perfection
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