October 28th, 2004

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Here, Here I am again/And I'm starin at these same four walls alone again/And now all the colors blend
And I'm growin up and I've become this empty page/Hold on its tragic stumblin through all this static

Whooo, I feel like I am stumbling straight through static. I am running with my head chopped off at full speed and at full force through everything. I know soon I will definetly have to stop, my breaking point is gonna stop me. My body will definetly let me know when it's time to stop. Hmm.. but do I really wanna reach that point?

We can take it slow, slow (Take it slow babe)
Anything you want
Whatever's on your mind tonight (Whatever's on your mind tonight)
Baby * come on, come on
Where you wanna go (oh yeah)
We can take a ride tonight (We can take a ride, anywhere)
Anything you want

Ryan & I are friends. Or so I want to fool myself that we are. I don't wanna give my all away too soon. I just wanna chill for a minute with him and just take it slow for awhile. I want to appreciate those little moments where I'm tracing his scars or picking on his sideburns. I want him to make me laugh, smile, and make me feel beautiful. I don't want him to make me feel good on the inside parts (lol). I don't want that in my life just yet and some of these other guys out here just want that. Who is gonna want the ice cream truck when you give out popsicles for free? ::Smirk:: Oh well though I'm going to see him 2nite after my dance practice and I'm nervous already. He makes me nervous, being in his prescence makes those butterflies run through inside. I want him to be different, I want him to be the one that's not just tryna beat. I want him to like me for me and who I am. I wanna fall in love...
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    Darion Tariq- I Wanna Fall In Love