October 26th, 2004

Ryan...it's U

does my title rhyme for this entry?

can somebody explain to me? why everybody is trying to be? living like a celebrity? doing what they see on MTV?

Hmmm... don't you find it funny how people imitate what they see other people do? I think this has become increasingly true in my life over the past couple of months? Well not exactly. I don't turn on the tv and say okay time to go get a Crown Vic because so and so has one. No I am becoming increasingly involved in doing what other people do in dance. I want to do their dances, I want to do their moves. Ha HA And y'all thought I was a follower?! But that's true. Even overall though in my image and my appearance I am definetly evolving, changing into a young man. I am slowly gaining comfort with body, aphro, looks, laugh, smile, talk, walk, love, life, feelings, and openess to the world. I find it amazing how much more at peace you are with yourself then. Hmm....these past few days have been an experience

The things I love about fall is the breeze. I love that feeling of God flowing through your fingers, picking up leaves, dancing dirt piles, the wind blowing in between your cornrows. Walking and your shirt flailing and running into the wind. Feeling the kiss of the wind is God to me. And I love it. Tampa is having an abundance of summer in fall time. It's Late October/November and someone explain to me why are we still having temps in the 90's? But I love that sunshine.

it dont matter where we go tonight cause if im with you ill be aiight
it's your love that my heart beats for...

The 7 Hour Chill Session

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baby...baby all i want is you, yeah

Finally Jojo & I agree on something
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