October 21st, 2004

from the pain others selfishly have given me....

And the craziness continues into early November. Dance practice as usual has me running around with my neck chopped off. A performance 2nite @ 9pm followed by practice until 10:30pm. Then another performance on Friday afternoon and new dances being learned. I love it though. I'm getting ready for when I'm an artist and go on tour. YAY!


Pretty soon people I will be purchasing a new domain and offering hosting to all those people who want it. This is tentative, pretty soon could mean 5 years from now the way my life looks. Just keep that in mind if you need hosting for any reasons. Maybe I'll start a specialized domain...hmmm but you shall see

Music wise: pretty soon the new album will be up and promotion and other things will take place for "Beautiful Heart" so you guys be on the lookout for that. It's a wonderful album...see you guys later sometime maybe Saturday?
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