October 13th, 2004

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And if you listen closely
You'll get to know me
Beyond the shine and the limelight
This is my story
This is my story
And if you get to know me
Nothing about me phony
All my scars are as deep as yours
This is my story
This is my story

I'm sitting here listening to my new CD from Jada Pinkett Smith and am amazed at the beauty of the words and everything in this album. I love real music, music with emotion that tells a story and this album does it for me. :) Anyway 2nite is the only night so far I really have free to do me. And I took advantage of all that time I had. Definetly a fun experience for me! I did it up way B.I.G. today and I don't regret nothing I've done.

I think the wonderful thing about your life is acceptance. Acceptance to say take me as I am during the bad and good days, accept the broken vessel and repair my heart. Accepting the fact I have small eyes, big feet, dark skin and kinky hair. Accepting that fact my personality is so rich, so full of sunshine, so hot to be around. :laugh: (<---stolen from _uppitynegro) I am finding acceptance in other people through my own self. Definetly something beautiful...

I feel like I'm traveling to the sun, I'm shooting for the sun, forget about the stars (they are reflections of the sun's light) I want to be the sun. I want to influence other stars, I want to make a career out of music, be on the road dancing, poetry, something pertaining to my many loves in life. I will reach the sun one day and shine my wonderful light on all those around me. Why be on top and lonely?

Well right now in the corner of my eye I see all these clothes that I need to fold up and I still have to take a shower. 2nite will be one of those "me" nights where I just turn off all the lights and give myself some love...
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