October 11th, 2004


im losing all my patience...its so hard to resist it

no more hesitation...some things are so enticing

i know what i have to do


It's been awhile since I been in LJ typing up something for me. This is HISCAPE for me. Like my new word I just invented? LOL Anyway though it's almost 1 AM and I can't sleep I was watching my "Rude" DVD but I got sleepy and thought I was going to sleep.

Sometimes I find myself being too deep, I try to keep things as simple as possible and put everything into perspective but I never find it like that. Hmm I wonder why. I am so tired of LJ already just from typing this lil bit. Anyway though a new layout to the new domain is soon coming and the links will be opening for downloading my new album "Beautiful Heart". I'm kinda bored with my whole domain already and its barely been a month. I think I'ma just start doing something different with the domain, I'm not too sure what exactly yet though. Prolly do something really nice for all the sites I love to visit and support. Hmmm...anyway though I'm alive.

Darion Tariq
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its just those rainy dayz...spend your whole life tryna wash em away

Well today was one of those rainy days that had me so interested in going to government class 2day. I hate that class and really had no intentions of paying attention so why go? I go almost everyday and do nothing but take notes I never read, I can read the book and take notes on my own at home. :) Anyway though I came 20 some minutes late to English and wasn't feeling that today either. I was not in the mood for school 2day. I just honestly wish I could shut out the whole school system and get a job. I love the college experience but hate college, its all a repeat of high school to me. I love going to school to cut up, act a fool, and while out but hate doing the work involved in being there. Pretty much the same with my college career. I hate the work but it is so required of me to get a degree in any field I pretty much want to make money in.

I think my best choice should have been a community college but something about the University attracted me here. The games, the clubs, the organizations, and so forth. I think that is what brought me to USF! And I mean it is a lovely campus, lovely people, and everything involved around here but this work is boring and gets on my nerves. I just love coming to campus, chillin in people's dorm, and dancing my ass off. But like everything else in life, gotta suck it up. Gotta be strong

until the sun comes out...

Enough complaining...time to move on and life to live. C Ya
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