October 6th, 2004

do YOU hear MY drum?

i see flowing hills...i hearing roaring drums. i leap, i dance, i jump, i am Africa, i am the color of soil, i am the heart of my country, i am an ancestor for those whom shall follow me...join in my struggle

Well the performance yesterday was amazing to say the least. I love performing, I love giving 110% to the crowd, giving so much ya heart hurts afterward! The adreline was running through my veins and I knew showtime had begun, it was our time to shine. This has been one of the craziest.tiresome.hardworking.yet to finish weeks of my life but I love it like that. After the performance I had work then I ate then I came home for an hour and headed back out to dance practice where we learned new choreography for the African dance we are performing Thursday night and it's so amazing. I have the most fun at practice and dancing period. I had sweat dripping from my 'fro to my toes I was popping and shaking so hard. African dance is so fun! :) Anyway though I think I'ma break down my schedule for you all

Wednesday: English 10-10:50 Gvmnt. 11-12:15pm Work 12:30-4:30 Home until 8:10 Dance practice 8:30-10:30 (its really eleven though)

Thursday: Computer 8-9:05am Math 11-11:30pm Performace 12:15-12:45 Work 1:30-5:00 Enlase dancing performance 6-7pm and TK party 10-whenever i get home

Friday: DAY OFF! ;) SIKE! TK Performance 11-12pm

And then between those hours when I arrive home somewhere around midnight I have to squeeze in papers, studying, and sleep. Hmmm isn't being a star hardwork? Hmmm
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