September 21st, 2004

Got Beautiful Heart?

Hey- I know I been away for a hot minute but I had to come see about my LJ peoples! :)
The new album "Beautiful Heart" has been released online at The SoundClick Page so head over there and give me all your bad comments :) LOL

Also the domain is up and ready for everyone to delve into. I'm having a lot of fun with this so it's so amazing at how many people visit me! Thanks everyone.

Special Shout Outs: Gabi, Jenger, Dru, Steven, Mr. SupaStar, M!STAGASK!N, Meme, Rae, Jay Curtis, LBI, Soundclick family, and everyone else who comes and supports my crazy music! -Darion

P.S. Have you listed me as one of your interests? (Hmm...i've listed myself. LOL)
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