September 15th, 2004

Stumbling through Static

hold on its tragic
stumbling through all this static...

-Ashlee Simpson

Good morning I am leaving for class in I take about it 30 minutes and I'm sitting here pondering a number of things...For one thing I have a number of things certain.
Instead of pushing the album back to November 16th I'm releasing it next week. Talk about a rush week, really, really busy. :) But it's cool I like my days jam packed between school/work/dance practice and all. Music is just my personal hobby for those people who choose to be open minded and like my lyrics...I never professed to be a singer or the like so people always judge me on that. But I'm happy they never tell me my songs are stupid and the like. I try to give encouragement and happiness instead of the usual fluff out here.
Beautiful Heart is the name of the new album...My girl Gabi helped me pick out the name and I love it. So simplistic and yet so meaningful. I had the cover art picked out mentally but I cannot find the CD I put the disc on. So I'ma have to do some scrounging for it. But it's cool since this isn't a major label release. It's just my own personal belonging I'm sharing with you all. The album has 12 tracks, most of them are on the Soundclick page so if you been over there you've heard 4 tracks off the album. :) But there are some new songs/poems added to this one. Definetly a slow burna in ya CD Player...
Everything else has been aiight with me. The usual work/school/dance routine. Except like Monday night this dude from the Hamptons Entertainment Group (a major independenct management company) called me but I didn't get a chance to talk with him about the possibilities and things of my career. Everything sounds pretty cool but sometimes you never know until you sift through the entire contract. I'll be waiting to see what pans out.

you speak with honey...falling over knives you've set up -Dar!0n

I'm so sick of going to classes already. College is just like high school with all this work. I love the experiences outside of the classroom but besides that I'm indifferential to college. It's college...Oh well Friday is a Floetry concert. I don't like them too much to spending $5 to see them. But I think it will be cool to experience that just cause...So I can get out the house

im just giving it all it it all away...hey-ey-ay-ey-ay -Ashlee Simpson

If you didn't know the blog will be moving prolly to my new domain. I'm not too sure yet what's going on but I'm working on everything to get the domain finished and opened up. I don't want to open it with not that much content but I think that's gonna happen with the way I feel right now. We shall see! -BYE
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The opening


I'm finishing a lil content was we speak but thats cool. I'm bout to be out to dance practice so holla at a playa lata. I'll be on lata doing some more work but i just wanted my friends to see
*Album next week*
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