September 13th, 2004

Movin on up....Random Thoughts 9/12



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---Time to just type whatever comes to mind---
Anyway I am back in school after my wonderful weekend back at home with my parents. I think my parents & I both have this huge understanding for one another now. My father didn't trip as hard as I thought he would on me getting my ears pierced but that's cool. My mother was just like you couldnt wait could you? So everything was cool.
My best friend and I hung out for awhile. (LOL like 8 hours) She took me to my first club legally and we danced the night away. We were the center of attention but everything was smoky and misty and the floor was slippery. We were killing it on the "Goodies" song. We did the Matrix and everything, splits and all. That was so fun but then we went to Famous Amos and my food was so gross. It's aiight though I got to chill with my Best friend.
The hurricane is no threat to us anymore but that's not a sigh of relief. Other peoples' lives are in danger and that's never good.:( So I pray God keeps them.
Religion changes me in ways I never imagined. It gives me peace, understanding, guilt when I sin, love in my lonely heart, a constant friend. And I don't mean any type of religion just the beauty of my relationship with God. So would it be far to say that my religion is my own relationship with Jesus and God. I think I play with God too much sometimes also. By that I mean not praying and not tithing and everything.
Hmm...I had pushed the album back but now I think the album is complete with a new title and some deleted tracks. I will be premiering some of the tracks this coming week so be on the lookout. The release date is still the 21st and the album title is up in the air right now. I have a lot of good ideas but I'll wait until it abolutelty feels right.
18...being 18 is cool. I still feel like a kid cause im so short. 5'8 but I think I'm growing taller. At least compared to my daddy. He wants me to lift weights and that's not a bad idea.

I would be so sexy if I did....LOL

So maybe I'll start doing my pushups/crunches/run things and everything since high school track has been over.
College is cool...different and diverse but still cool with me.
Dance practice 2nite but my back hurts. i'ma still give it my all. :) WHOO!!!!

*I'm still waiting on my refund check. :(*

Okay I'm gone for now but I have a lot of entries to make up. -M!KE
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