September 9th, 2004

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i dont wanna have to run any much further...
cant run from myself, theres no way to hide

-Whitney Houston "I have Nothing"

So it's 9AM and once again my mind is analyzing the simple things...just the small basic simple things in life. Hmmm I dunno but today will be another one of those 24 hour work days from school/work/BSU meetings/Dance practice/Home and then 2moro I have one class but I'ma come home and clean this room because it looks ridiculous and then I'll be home in Jacksonville doing it up B.I.G. so holla at me sometime next week cause this playboy is gone!

dont walk away from me...i have nothing! nothing! nothing! if i dont have you... -Whitney Houston "I have Nothing"

So yea i'm back right now and just getting a lil misty eyed about my girl Whitney and her addiction. She is currently coming back with a new CD and it betta be off the chain! :) I've been waiting far too long. Her voice is definetly God given. But yea I just wanted to add that for everyone who was looking at that sexy girl in the pic to the left of this entry. Also I postponed the album? I will be previewing new songs but I feel that album doesn't represent me in totality to the point where I'm satisfied so I'm coming back with some more information but I may let my peoples hear an advance copy. And if I don't know you then don't ask! :) TRUST! Ya boy is out HOLLA!
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