September 5th, 2004

I Got To Protect My Heart

See, when I first got here, I knew love barely
I gotta protect my heart
Then ya come changin things, I knew that's unfair, babe
I gotta protect my heart

Kelis- Protect My Heart

Those lyrics are exactly how I feel when it comes to my music. For so long I have kept my songs private, scribbled away in notebooks, and now when I open that door I realized I opened the door for personal opinion. Not that this shocks me, disturbs me, or moves but I think for the most part it catches me off guard sometimes. I don't mind sharing my music with the world but some people are just dumb and don't read the disclaimers in bold. To you Anonymous:I think that would help in your judgement of my music if you would have taken the time out to read the disclaimers. Something else that disturbs me also is that fact that if you're gonna leave a comment why not leave your LJ user name? Are you afraid I will get offended? Opinions are just that opinions so why would I act out of character? I'm not the slightest concerned about your opinions because this is for me. I do this for me, not for you or anyone else. Thanks for your opinions though...LOL

I am sitting here with my box of Kleenex wishing I would not have caught a cold in the middle of a hurricane. Just my luck! :) Oh well at least I am not dead. I really think Kelis doesn't get enough recognition and I don't even know where my CD really is right now. She is talented but doesn't even get the recognition from her own country. Isn't that typical of artists like her? I see Norah Jones and Outkast as the only exceptions of that rule. That's why my ears are so tuned over to the UK where the real artists are now-a-days. Those are the artists I admire now because they move units in those small azz countries over there. Beverley Knight, Lemar, Kelis, Jamelia, Terri Walker, and even P!NK. Those are the people who are influencing my own music at this moment right now.

WWW.Darion-Tariq.NET is coming soon y'all. Right now I am tryna get everything together before I go buy a hosting package for the domain. The domain is registered though. That way I get the most out of my money but I can tell y'all this: The first layout is bananas! It is totally different from anything else I've ever done. This kinda takes it back to the days of Aphro Baby [dot] Com. This is a new revolution for me and this time I am full armed with my music. If only Steven could take some pictures of me then my own layouts would be used. Until that moment I'll just find some way to revolve me and my music around the layouts I use.

Other than that though many of the responses have been cool. When I post the album links though to my LJ for download the entry will be for friends only. So if you ain't my friend before I post the album you're out of luck. You'll be able to hear it on my domain but my LJ friends will get a sneak preview of the album way before the other people who come along.
You can join the mailing list also to be updated on the new music and everything coming
I think I have typed too much? LOL Time to go...I gotta a lot of planning to do on this domain so holla at a playa.
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