September 4th, 2004

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how i wish i
wish i did a little bit more
now shoulda woulda coulda means im out of time
shoulda woulda coulda cant change your mind

Beverley Knight- shoulda woulda coulda

I have all these artist press kits laying around that I boxed up from Jacksonville and they are just collecting dust. I know I should be sending them to some of these smaller labels. I have a lot in mind but it's that in between period of letting time pass before answers. I have guess I have to throw myself out there to get anything in return before im sitting here saying i shoulda woulda coulda ya know? I just really don't know the songs I should put on the demo. I put like a mix on my other one but this one company says submit one song. So it's an one shot deal for me and I don't think anything that strong right now. So I may be holding off on them for awhile. :)

This was on my message board yesterday:
What up, homie. IT'S THA YOUNGIN' THAT GOES BY STARR. You bring something new to the table and that is the type of sh*** most of singers or rappers don't do (you on some Andre 3000 sh*** as far as creativeness goes). You making risky music and that can be either really good or the opposite in this business. I wish you the best of luck. Go 4 the Grammy, fam. Somebody gotta get em, might as well be you or me, Ha Ha Ha. Check out ya boy, let me know what you think.

That's the 2nd person who told me I kinda sounded in the same vein as Andre 3000. I'm not knocking that but I never once thought about that. I kinda just make music for me. I always feel it's so hard for me to put myself into one genre because I like to be all over the map. I can't even describe my own music sometimes because it's so different for everyone.

if you come inside...i will make it worth your while...let me symphathize...come to me i can be all the things she can't be - Tea & Sympthaty

In other news I am kinda still undecided about the domain situation for the simple fact I don't have enough pictures of myself to carry a full site. Everyone wants some type of visual right? So until then I'll just keep on developing the site with all the content and everything for promotional purposes. But until then don't expect the domain anytime soon...i'll be back blogging sometime tonight about the hurricane.
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I may own more than two pair of dress shoes, and maybe a designer suit, but I don’t mind going to the grocery store in sweats. And I may even go a day or two without a shower.

Oh well guess I'm just rocking the sweats and basketball shorts too much for them. Anyway coming soon will be my new domain sometime around the release of my album September 21st. Do you and I'll do me. Like me, love me, or hate me. I'm used to hate so you know the deal. BE YOU! :) And yea my LJ layout is tripping, im playing around wit it and maybe ill get something better by next week. I'm excited bout the new domain! Time to work on those designing skills.

[edit]*If u want to hear some songs from my album, before it hits the journal/internet, scroll down through some of the entries and you should find the 1st single "I Don't Mind" and the album's title track "I Still Want U" Disclaimer: It's on some Andre 3000 shit. If you're not open minded then don't click the links cause I'm not a singer.*[/edit]
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