August 31st, 2004


all i do is think about you
'til a quarter 3

Anyway today was one of those days were you feel like heaven is shining down on you. Everything was cool today even though I am still operating on like 5 hours of sleep. I guess when you're young you can do things like this but I am so sleepy for real. I had planned on getting in the shower but as usual I ended up right back at this computer listening to my old CD "Before Dark". I love these old love full songs, gives me lots of inspiration to write. I haven't written a song though in a long time, I have been too lazy to do so...hmmm

I met a squirel face-to-face today. He climbed on top of the table outside and hopped his lil ass on my Bob Marley backpack and was sniffing the food inside. I held out the pack of crackers and he snatched it and ran off wrapper and all, talk bout hungry. But I was so estatic I was giggling like a lil girl just enjoying the moment. I mean how many times in a lifetime did you get to see nature close up? It was definetly a nice experience.

Don't I have an English paper to write? Oh well peoples I'm out! :)
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