August 30th, 2004

Almost Midnight

So anyway here I am sitting listening to some of my songs tripping out. I think music as an art form in itself is powerful, the power to touch people whom you don't even know but they know you through your own music. I think that is absolutely beautiful. I'm listening to "Always With Me" dedicated to Aaliyah and just wondering exactly I managed to do the song without tears. Beautiful lyrics and what not.

Here is the title track from the album. I still have to re-do this song because I don't like the outcome of the ruff mix. Sounds like I'm screaming or something but that's expected from someone who can not sing. (lol) Oh well though I still had fun doing the song with ol' boy from LBI. We had a good time vibing and chilling, definetly one of the better experiences of the album. You can recieve updates on it and everything if you're interested by joining the mailing list. If you don't like the song cool. A lot of people don't that's life. This is not something I want as my career so remember that.

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I Still Want U (XRated RMX.) ---> and when I say its Xrated please believe that is
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School today was cool though, Work is easy. Just an overall average day. At least now with a job I can find someway to pay my rent. Which at the present time I really am worried about but isn't that what parents are for to ask for money?! I just wish my loan disbursment would hurry up and come so that I can pay my rent for October and November after that I will basically be fending on my own with this job and whatnot. I really though don't want to get a second job because that would be A LOT for a freshman like me to handle. But if I can't pay my rent than that is a real B.I.G. problem right? I think I hear some one screaming Ebay in my ear? College is way too expensive I think I'ma definetly have to fill out some more scholarships cause a brotha balling on broke. I'ma have to set up a paypal account. AY! Send me a dollar to (lol) For real though I'm bout to go through my CD collection right now. I am so broke I'm happy I bought groceries though for this month and can pay my rent cause I'ma have to figure something out for the time being this weeek. I have a Toni Braxton single to sell. (ROTF) Okay but for real everything will just have to come together for me. I got some praying to do.

Maybe I can get one of those jobs typing away or something you think? I need like an easy job to do from home when I come home? I can lick envelopes and type fast! anyone? Oh well lemme stop being silly and go deal with my finaces before I'm sitting out on the curb. :( Bye Bye!
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