August 29th, 2004

Eye, Lip, or Ear Piercing ? Or Tat?

(You can hear the song I'm listening to in like 2 posts down its up for downloads so hit it up while you can and leave comments. It's me y'all. :) Read the disclaimer too.)
Anyway today was the best day in Tampa I have experienced so far. Lemme run it back to you...

So my sister's best friend came down here to Tampa from Da Ville and spent sometime with us. So anyway though we woke up and went shopping at Walmart. In Walmart we did a little grocery shopping for the apartment and I got my lil tape up cause my hair looked ROUGH! :) In between that we went to Wendy's and I really didn't say much because I was just in chill mode most of the time looking away in the sky and everything. So then after that we came back to put all the groceries away and headed out to the mall where I had a mission to (gasp) get my ears pierced. (lol) So then I was heading through the mall like a G, you know? like this ain't goin be nothing just a pinch. The nervousness didn't come until I started walking to the booth and picking out my stud and everything. I wasn't really nervous about it, just like what if this isn't what I expected you know? So then I'm sitting in the chair and she's marking the spot and I'm jumping like "OMG!" She was like I'm just marking the spot so I decided to relax after a hearty laugh. So I closed my eyes when I saw her load up the gun because I never can watch things like this, I can stand the pain only if I didn't see the act. The whole gun thing almost knocked me out of the chair I'm so tiny. I was laughing like "Whoa! That's it?" So then she moved to the next ear and by this time I'm like "Yea, I got this down pack." I'm thinking I'm a straight up shoulder so then she poked me with the gun and I squeezed the water bottle I was holding so tight it almost bust. All I could say was "Ah..that was different." So then she gave me the mirror and I was just like "Hmm...they barely look there." I know they're cute but when I get my hair braided up and all that they will prolly look 10x better because my fro is a mess. Oh well that was my day. Holla! :)
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Domain Warz

HA HA I am still so lost in finding a domain name. I want something that describes me but is so different from anything out there. I'm coming up with lame things maybe you all can help me with something out there.
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