August 28th, 2004

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

--No I am not a real recording artist (ala one with a "major" label deal). I love writing songs and I sing them myself so that they will come to life. I never said I could sing/rap so think what you want to. I don't care.--

Q: What were your first and second albums? And what was the sound?
A:</a>          My first album was titled "Sunshine" and was released July 23 2002. I know I'm goin go off a tangent on this one for real. But anyway though the album was titled "Sunshine" because I felt that in my life everything was shining, everything was bright everything was coming into the light a little more. Even though that was the theme of the album most of the songs on the song were very dark. Asking why do we die? Why do people lie? Why can't I find someone to love me? I had a few songs about love but mostly the album was very introspective. I was 16 at the time so everything in my life was just sliding down hill at that moment and "Sunshine" was kind of my way of coming out that hole. The sound of this album was more R&B influenced, piano based, soulful definetly different from anything out in the marketplace. Which I strived to do for a reason, my writing skills set me apart from other artists so the producers I worked with had to much that. I definetly had some talented people on the first project and I think the first time going around is always the best. You're in the process in learning more about your music and your sound in the beginning. I think it must have taken me like almost around a year to put something together. I must have recorded over 100+ songs for that album alone and somehow I picked all the depressing ones. (laugh) I just don't know how I did that but it made for a solid album. Everytime people listen to my songs they're like "beautiful words but not voice". And I think that is okay because I want people to listen to my songs and I understand you have to listen to the words most of the time to get through to my music. I don't mind like my first single says. I also rapped that album.(laugh) Yeah I'm laughing at myself.

"Always With Me" was the 2nd album and the funny thing about that one is that I wanted to call it "Crazy Feelings". I had this whole lil theme planned out like a record, old timey type sound. The album was gonna be released on my birthday August 26th 2003 (it feel on a tuesday). But like always my mind is moving in so many directions that the project quickly stirred from that direction into a more "Aaliyah" based idea based around the initial song idea for the song "Always With Me". I was like Aaliyah has inspired me in so many ways and that title just sums everything right now at the moment. My music is always with me, God is always with me, just everything made sense at that special moment in 2003. So I actually didn't finish recording the album until a month before the release. Call that a rush job. I finished sometime around in September and it was on the internet October 21st 2003. I think that album was special because it had more of me rapping alongside singing. My most powerful songs are sometimes the rapping songs and I think I had some hot rapping joints on that CD. This album was still introspective but it had its equal amounts of love songs. The questions I was asking were just why is life doing me this way? It was so depressing but still was a mellow R&B sound if that's what you define it is. I have the hardest time defining my music. I just call it that: my music. With this album though I actually let people hear my music and kinda moved away from the cocoon. I always thought people wouldn't understand it but now I know some people understand it. I'm thankful :)

Anyway the new album is still not finished so I won't waste anymore of your time talking about it until next month! HOLLA! And next time don't ask me something like that cause you might have to print it out and keep it moving. But thanks for being interested. :) -M!KEY
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