August 26th, 2004

Blow Out The Candles

Well everytime around this year I usually contemplate life with the death of Aaliyah. :) Yesterday I was very numb and just mourning Aaliyah still. Today though on this 18th birthday of mine I am happy, smiling, loving life. Thank you God for waking me up this morning to see another day.

i woke up this morning with angels all around me
grace in my face
mercy on my head
i woke up eighteen and blessed
Lord I am so thankful for that
my voice is changing
now i have to shave my facial hair
i now spread my wings to soar through the air

I think that simple poem describes my feelings. I love the fact that I can make things so simple and short sometimes but yet get the point across. My hair is growing longer also. Sept. 9 makes 3 months for my 'fro. Maybe I'll keep it this time since I'm in college and time ARE HARD. My finacial aid is tripping but I'ma just pray about the situation and I know I might be struggling but God will help me get through any and everything in my life. Nothing in life comes for free...we still even pay the price for clean air. :)

September 21st 2004 brings the new album "I Still Want U" from Dar!on Tar!Q. This project for me shows lyrical and personal maturity. I love the sound of this album and I am truly happy to be able to present this to the world. I can't sing but I still loving making albums because knowing something you write on paper is now a vocal form of history is classic. That's why I make albums. I never have aspired to be a singer but to get my music out there to the world. And even though I'm saying this I know when I post the album up here people will still be tripping. But that's life cause we are still here on earth as human beings. I am so excited though to share this with the world. Hmm...wait until Sept. 21st :)

I'm gone
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