August 24th, 2004

Always With Me

Always With Me inspired by Aaliyah

My dedication through song Darion Tar!Q-Always With Me produced by Soleternity

i had a dream last was dark, foggy, kinda like this mystic feeling to it. And Aaliyah was there saying "Follow your heart...follow your dreams..." I tried to reach out and grab her but I couldn't reach her hand. I was like "Aaliyah, I miss you." She was like "Michael, follow your heart...follow your dreams..." And she was laughing, smiling, so happy to just be at all. I could her her laugh all the time seeing her beautiful teeth, angelic face, she was walking in this white dress and it reminded of "Rock The Boat". Aaliyah I know with me all the time. I will follow my dreams for you.

The poem the next morning...
Sometimes when I lie down
i hear you whisper in my ear
i see you in my dreams
raching out your hand to me
saying follow your dreams
the heart never lies
it's now plain to me
you're always with me

i cry not because you're gone
but because i miss hearing you sing my song
i miss watching the way you move
and laughed and joked in tune
you inspired me from dancing to singing
and ill keep this song in my heart
i will forever sing it
cause you're always with me
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