August 23rd, 2004


Sometimes I honestly feel so numb that I can't think. Sometimes I feel like I'm staring into darkness and just blank. Sometimes I swear my mind does blank out. Steven calls me silly...i call myself more like insane. We all have our insane moments and right now I am having those moments. Not too much that I am really trying to fight sleep. Hmm...I almost feel asleep in class this morning. Guess that's not a good way to begin life...(laugh)in college;not just college. Anyway though I am really hoping that I get out and met some new people at this college because the way I'm feeling is like going home. I feel like high school ALL OVER again. Maybe I need to give it a chance, but I honestly feel no difference in college and high school at least feeling wise. But can you feel when you're numb? A tear just fell from my I cold? Time to turn off the cellphone cause I will not have interesting conversation to/day or to/night. I'm not hungry either...i just wanna curl up in my bed like a baby.

people ask how it feels to live a life people dreamed of
i see we all face our highs and lows....

-Beverley Knight- "Shoulda Woulda Coulda"

I hate the fact we live to die Amanda Perez- "I Pray"

I am listening to P!NK's latest album and this girl has some major talent in her arsenal. Definetly a beautiful voice full of soul...i love her. Check out the song "Catch me while I'm sleeping" It's pretty soulful for those who don't like rock.roll.punk :) I like Avril Lavigne also...nice voice also. Anyway though holla at me lata I'm bout to shut this off and curl up cause I got cramps now and it hurts.
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    Beverley Knight- Remember Me