August 22nd, 2004

Cheers 2 U

Anyone out there remember this album? Definetly a classic album from beginning to the end. I miss my album too so now I'm on Music Stack searching for some old buys. Anybody remember Before Dark? They had like a mini-single with Monica? Also I was gonna pick up Kimberly Scott but I then remembered I'm on a college budget.

I am really proud of my parents, no matter how many arguments we get in. Everytime I think of my parents I feel them pushing me on no matter how many times I think they never loved me. I mean I am in college, sitting in my own apartment, co-signed by them! That's L-O-V-E to the fullest. I mean my parents are in that big ol house by themselves right now cause all of their children have graduated high school and are in college. They have a jr., sop., and me the freshman. So we all follow behind one another. :) My parents knew what they were doing for real. But I still respect them for doing any and everything for me. I think for now I finally realized all of everything they did when I was younger was for my benefit (sp?). I mean I used to get into arguments but now I sit and listen to their side. Is my maturity level on the rise or something? And I'll be 18 on Thursday...18. Thank God I made it this far even though it was a rough journey to make it here. I'm so thankful.

So what about my personal site? I really don't feel like concentrating on a full site at the moment. All I really use it for is a blog. And only my friends come to this anyway so that's cool. The only other side to me is my music. That's on SoundClick at the moment so right now I am good to go with LJ. I still miss my blogger though so don't expect me to stray too far from my blogger. :)