August 21st, 2004

The Hang Up

So I went to sleep last night around 5 AM and have woken up at 1:47 in the afternoon sweating like a mutha. (laugh) Last night was aiight. Wasn't what I expected but neither is college. I guess for the time being I am going to stop having all these expectations and things of college. Sometimes I just have to come in with an open mind I feel not to be let down about different things. I still was sweaty from dancing a few times anyway I had my little fun but it wasnt popping off like I thought it was goin' pop off for real! :) I met some of my friends though from high school though and I was so excited to see some of them around my way. Tampa is a whole new home for me and I really am trying to get used to everything around this campus for real. :) My classes start on Monday and I still don't even know where I'm going. Do I care? Naw, maybe I will once I get there and get lost and look real stupid like in high school. I think I'ma wait to get my english book until I get a different teacher because the teacher I have right now is a bad professor according to RateMyProfessor.Com. I love that site right now. (laugh) I really wanna get off this computer and go get me some mixed fruit but I really don't think I am going to. i really that lazy?

After this Hurricane Charley thang it's been raining a lot here in Tampa. It's thundering as we speak. God's crying...Maybe I'll start cleaning up this apartment. I'm such a slob sometimes...well all the time right now. And my hair is a mess and stinks from all that sweat last night. Do I feel like washing it? Naw, cause I'm lazy. I think I'ma just go grab me a snack and curl back up in the bed for real cause this thundering is booming in my ear. This rain is beautiful also too. Which reminds me that I need to remix some of my other songs for the album. I'ma also post my disclaimer before you can download the album so you get the basis of everything. Some people often soon forget how to act. :) But I'm here to keep them in line like the Matrix. I love that movie for some reason right now I have no idea why but I really am feeling that song now.

Life With DSL is fun as hell. I love it! Kudos to the makers of DSL. I'm OUT!
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I Am The Butterfly...Evolving

I never quite got a chance to release my poetry book either. I just felt like putting up some poetry for a moment.

Sweating Sun

I Recall
Maybe the day was yesterday
When you walked down the block
Sweating Sun
It was clearly all over your face
I wondered how you stayed so cool in this 100 degree heat
It was as if you were sweating all over my heart
And the sweat that was dripping all down my face
Never once touched your beautiful dark skin
You had to be sweating sun
Cause rays of light were shining from your eyes
And your cool, calm, collected personality was burning me up
You were too hot to be touched
Like the advisory warning never stare directly into the sun I avoided your gaze
I might just let you know I wanted to be cooled
But you were also like the four elements
Cause when you slowly strutted to me, nibbled my ear and whispered my name
I didn't feel earth, wind, or fire but air
A gentle breeze that sent chills up my spine
An as my knees caved in, I brought you down with me
We both rolled endlessly along the length of my stoop
Ice meet fire
And I melted right there from your touch
Sweating Sun
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