August 20th, 2004

The College Life (Exhale)

I know this is gonna be a long

Well last Saturday I have arrived in my new home in Tampa, FLA. Nice and cozy, feels comfortable and has a sort of comforting vibe to it. I've decorated it with some moon and stars, comforter and bathroom apparel and such. It's really junky at the moment but you must forgive me for that because I have like 5 boxes of CD's that need to be moved somewhere else for real. :) I'm such a new college slob. My place is nice though, my own bathroom and all that good stuff now. I am really feeling this right now. This is freedom, this is control, this is life....exhale

I've become such a shopping freak lately too. New spaces require new things. So sometimes I'm just in the storm looking at what I think I need. I guess in college you decide what really is a need and want. It's hard but I think I am maintaining enough. I'm not broke yet but that rent money is rolling around faster than I can count it. Tha 1st comes so quick even in the months that have 31 days. LOL I try though to be on time since they are taking all my little WD money. :(

Music wise I am releasing my 3rd album (YES the 3rd) on September 21st 2004.


Are you excited then join my mailing list to recieve important announcements and such about how to download the album free of charge/whatnot. Anyway though I am really proud of this album because this is a light, happy record. By that I mean the record talks about love, lots of love, making love, giving love, sharing love, embracing love, and keeping love most of all. I feel love is a wonderful thing and its something I've been neglecting for a long time in my life, so now is the time to love myself and everything else God has created. Love is such a wonderful blessing of all things that I feel. Making music is something that allows me to bring my words off the page and I am blessed to even be able to try to express myself in this manner. I am happy that I have the ability and talent to write lyrics and come up with them. Hmmm....I am immensely blessed.

In other news though I think that everything will go well this time around in my life mainly because I will be in control of the little things that I will be able to control in my own life. I think the beautiful thing also about God is that he gives everyone free will over their life but in the end he already knows just exactly what we will and wont do. That's a real smart man huh? GOD! They need to make God is my homeboy shirts. In other news I am going out today and I had this Elmo outfit that I was gonna wear out tonight. But I went to Hot Topic and couldn't find the shirts that they usually have there so my whole outfit is thrown off. I will come up with something else though because I am still wearing my hat, wristband, headband and all I just need a shirt and some pants to go along with everything. I'ma have my hands on the floor getting down anyway so it don't really matter to me. :) I'ma just be myself and do the damn thang. That's all that I can be: M!KEY.

Demcee has me inspired, something new, a new name. I've been in this game since I was 13 so in these five years I need a sort of rebirth or newness to me. LJ is just the place to do it, just a real time to do what I need to do and get back to the roots and basics of what I am about: realness and maturity. Hmm this new name though Demcee is cool. Comes from D Emcee. (laugh) You get it?

From ThugPoet, Tempest Unbottled, Daydreamz, Darion, Dar!0n Tar!Q to Demcee.

Anyway though I'm listening to Teedra Moses and I think that it is time I actually try to figure out some code or something on LJ. I hate doing this but people want me to come over here so I oblige. Gotta love me. >>>Holla sometimes.
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